Podcast over de kansen van AI

Arbeids- en organisatiepsychologe MuriĆ«l Serrurier Schepper adviseert al jaren corporates, mediabedrijven en gemeenten over het toepassen van AI. Welke kansen komt zij tegen, wat zijn valkuilen bij het toepassen van AI in een organisatie, welke technische kennis over AI is essentieel, hoe bepaal je welke AI oplossing relevant is en wat is er veranderd sinds de ontwikkelingen van generatieve AI tools, zoals ChatGPT.šŸŽ§Luister in je favoriete podcast app naar de nieuwste aflevering van de Digital Power Podcast vanĀ Cupola XSĀ vanuit de Koepel in Haarlem.

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I have a passion for applied artificial intelligence which has led to:


I have established and managed the Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (AI Cell) at Rabobank.



I also execute workshops about Artificial Intelligence and how this applies to a specific domain (e.g. HR, Legal, Procurement etc) or sector (health care, banking, insurance, edcuation etc)


At LinkedIn People say the following about me.      


''Muriel is an inspirational Business Consultant in the complex field of Artificial Intelligence. As a Project Manager Muriel is able to motivate teams and connecting people, as no other can. Muriel has a direct and straight forward approach, a can do mentality and with this her projects had always three commonalities: never missed tight deadlines, satisfied clients and created great business value.''

Annegien van Iterson, Client Executive IBM


''Muriel is a passionate professional with experience in vendor management, projectmanagement and innovation. This combination ensured an objective supplier selection and a well-planned Artificial Intelligence project from requirements to implementation. 

As forerunner in AI she brought several departments together to increase benefits. Moreover Muriel is a very nice person to team up with.'' Rogier Vinckers, Manager Cross Channel Service Desk, Rabobank


''Muriel is an experienced project manager. She has a broad view over complex business matters, and she learns quickly. Muriel executes her project start-ups swiftly and efficiently. She is highly skilled, to-the-point, and flexible. Her people/communication skills make her able to lead her teams and connect both staff, clients, and principles. As a result her project results have always been “best in class” and highly predictable.''

Jim Peters, Interim CFO


As an Applied AI specialist I also would like to share what IBM Watson's Personality Insights is saying about me, based om my tweets @MurielSchepper  

  • You are expressive.
  • You are philosophical: you are open to and intrigued by new ideas and love to explore them.
  • You are adventurous: you are eager to experience new things.
  • And you are energetic: you enjoy a fast-paced, busy schedule with many activities.
  • Your choices are driven by a desire for discovery.
  • You are relatively unconcerned with both tradition and taking pleasure in life. You care more about making your own path than following what others have done.
  • And you prefer activities with a purpose greater than just personal enjoyment.


For more info about the methodology behind IBM Watson's Personality Insights see : https://www.ibm.com/watson/developercloud/doc/personality-insights/science.html